Golf umbrella material introduction


Golf umbrella material 1. Fabric Most of the fabrics of […]

Golf umbrella material

1. Fabric
Most of the fabrics of golf umbrellas are made of medium and high-grade umbrellas. Among them, there are 190 nylon silver tapes and 190PG cloths. With such fabrics, the umbrellas are often flat, and the water drops quickly after the rain. 190 nylon silver tape has anti-UV function, which can filter out the heat of summer and bright colors, which makes people pleasing. 190PG cloth (also often referred to as touch juice cloth) is soft and very textured. It is unpretentious and makes people feel stable and generous.
2. Handle
The golf umbrella handles are commonly used in EVA straight handles, plastic handles, plastic spray rubber paint handles, wooden handles, plastic iron handles, titanium-plated iron handles, etc.
3. Umbilical bone
In the early years, golf umbrellas basically used iron trough bones, even double-slot bones, which were too bulky. The popular golf umbrella ribs are mainly fiber bones, which are light in weight and difficult to break. There is also a hybrid practice of using short iron troughs and long fiber bones.
4. General specifications
A 25-inch straight umbrella can be called a golf umbrella. The more commonly used specifications: 27吋X8K, 30吋X8K, 34吋X8K; and 16K/24K, “K” refers to the number of ribs, 8K is 8 ribs.