The correct use of golf umbrella


1. When opening the golf umbrella, first pull the middl […]

1. When opening the golf umbrella, first pull the middle rod, release the buckle, and shake it a few times. When opening, you should first open each rib along the joint of the joint and then open it upwards. This is easier to open. It is also necessary to develop the habit of opening the front of the golf umbrella in the direction of the wind. If the back of the golf umbrella is also the side of the rib, it is easy to cause the rib to be damaged.

2. receive the golf umbrella, according to the original crease on the golf umbrella folded, buckle the buckle, hold the golf umbrella in one hand, beat the bottom of the umbrella with one hand, take the rod in the hand, and then hold the golf umbrella with both hands Rotate the mark a few times to make the umbrella cloth flat, then screw it into the umbrella cover in the direction of the fold.

3. before the use of automatic golf umbrellas must be careful not to let the slings hook the tailbone or open the umbrella will break the tailbone, and if it is closed, you should first press the automatic open button to automatically collapse the umbrella surface Pull back again.

4. The golf umbrella of the windproof skeleton should not be rubbed back to the umbrella surface after being blown by the wind. Just close the golf umbrella and open it to recover.

5. the issue of the opening of the golf umbrella, we need to remember this sentence "with the wind open, side by the wind"

6. After the golf umbrella is covered, it must be opened and dried before being put away.