Umbrella protection method


1. The ribs should be slowly opened to a certain extent […]

1. The ribs should be slowly opened to a certain extent by gently shaking, and then pushed open by hand to ensure the stability of the structure of the umbrella to the greatest extent.
2. After every rainy day, when the wet umbrella is being retracted, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dry the water in time to avoid breeding bacteria and mold.
3. When there is no condition to open and dry, the handle should be placed face down instead of hanging up, because some water may be accumulated in the groove of the handle part, so that the water on the umbrella is squat down the rib, if the tip When placed down, the water will gather on the top, which will easily rot the umbrella surface. The iron ribs will easily rust after being wet.
4, the newly bought umbrella must not be put on hold for a long time, so as not to be stored for too long and become brittle and deteriorated. The umbrella should be hung in a ventilated place, and should not be placed in a gray and humid place.
5. After the new umbrella is bought back, a layer of nail polish can be applied to the joint of the rib cage to prevent rust.
6. When the umbrella is folded, hold the top of the umbrella, try not to touch the folded part of the umbrella bone with the hand of the sweat stain, and the place where the umbrella surface is handed over, so as to avoid the imprint in the future and affect the appearance.