How big is the size of the umbrella


Umbrellas have a lot of styles, and there is a certain […]

Umbrellas have a lot of styles, and there is a certain gap between the size of the umbrellas made in each style. There are even some large outdoor umbrellas. The common umbrellas are the most common in our daily life. However, the mobility of outdoor large umbrellas is not as strong as the ordinary umbrellas we use on our hands. Today, the size of the umbrellas is only for A straight handle umbrella that can be used in your hand.

The size of the straight umbrella is larger than that of the folding umbrella. Even if I don't say it, I believe many people know that we can see it in life. Under normal circumstances, the straight umbrella is bigger than the folding umbrella. The following straight umbrellas are available in two models, large and small. The large umbrella has a diameter of 120cm, an arc of 150cm and an umbrella length of 100cm. The small umbrella has a diameter of 90cm, a curvature of 10cm and a length of 70cm. From the size of this umbrella can be seen is relatively large, but it does not matter, there are relatively small straight-handle umbrellas, after all, the manufacturers are customized according to customer needs.

The diameter of the umbrella under the umbrella can reach more than 90. It is enough for one person to use it. If it is two people, it should be a relatively large umbrella, like some diameters of 100 or more. However, customers who can customize umbrellas have their own various needs, some are folding models, some are straight handles, and some are quite unique.