Umbrella making process


1. Prepare the materials that the umbrella needs to use […]

1. Prepare the materials that the umbrella needs to use during the production process: umbrella bones, umbrella fabrics, umbrella handles, and other umbrella components.

2. The umbrella is opened, the big cut fabric can be arranged the next day, then arrange the pull, then small cut. The longer the amount of time, the longer the time. Generally, the fabric can be cut off on the same day. If the quantity is large, it is necessary to print on the side of the cloth. The time varies.

3. Umbrella printing. If you open the ingredients well, you can print them. The normal time is about three days. If the quantity is large, or the peak season, this time may be longer. In the process of production, there are sometimes useful to complement.

4. The film, is the printed triangle, one piece with an electric sewing machine, including topping, jujube, umbrella production third and fourth step first, that is, umbrella printing is normal In front of the umbrellas, some of our guests thought that the umbrellas were all placed there, but it was not.

5. Equipped with umbrella beads, accessories and umbrella surface treatment, after the completion of the umbrella surface, the workers will use special machines to install the beads on each corner. Umbrella beads are an important accessory for umbrellas and are used to secure the umbrella surface above the ribs. The material is plastic or iron and there are many shapes to choose from. It is also necessary to equip the umbrella with an umbrella belt and an umbrella cover, and then it is necessary to top the umbrella surface and sew the umbrella belt on the umbrella surface.

6. The upper bone, this procedure is to join the umbrella surface with the rib, the worker must connect the umbrella surface to the rib with a needle and a line, can not use any machine, on each rib, the workers usually use two to Three knots tie the ribs and the umbrella surface.

7. Assembly to this step, an umbrella has been basically completed, now is to carry out quality inspection of the umbrella and deal with the thread, the next step is to help the quality of the umbrella accessories, mainly installed on the umbrella top, fungus flowers And the handle, the handle of the straight umbrella is basically glued, so that an umbrella is basically done.
Finally, quality inspection