• Advertising umbrella advantage

    Advertising umbrella advantage

    1. The advertising umbrella has the advantage of where to go and where the advertisement is. 2. Advertising umbrellas have the advantages of low advertising input cost, fast manufacturing process and deep consumer impression. 3. advertising umbrellas have a cloudy day to shelter the wind, rain and r... read more

    Oct 12,2019 News
  • Golf umbrella features

    Golf umbrella features

    1. Golf umbrella fabric: more special fabrics for medium and high-grade umbrellas, among which the characteristics of golf umbrellas are mainly 190 nylon silver tape and 190PG cloth. With such fabrics, the umbrellas are often flat, after rain, water The beads quickly fell down. 2. golf umbrella hand... read more

    Oct 19,2019 News
  • Umbrella protection method

    Umbrella protection method

    1. The ribs should be slowly opened to a certain extent by gently shaking, and then pushed open by hand to ensure the stability of the structure of the umbrella to the greatest extent. 2. After every rainy day, when the wet umbrella is being retracted, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dr... read more

    Oct 26,2019 News
  • How big is the size of the umbrella

    How big is the size of the umbrella

    Umbrellas have a lot of styles, and there is a certain gap between the size of the umbrellas made in each style. There are even some large outdoor umbrellas. The common umbrellas are the most common in our daily life. However, the mobility of outdoor large umbrellas is not as strong as the ordinary ... read more

    Nov 01,2019 News
  • Umbrella making process

    Umbrella making process

    1. Prepare the materials that the umbrella needs to use during the production process: umbrella bones, umbrella fabrics, umbrella handles, and other umbrella components. 2. The umbrella is opened, the big cut fabric can be arranged the next day, then arrange the pull, then small cut. The longer the ... read more

    Nov 09,2019 News